tommy mac foundation

The Tommy McNamara Charitable Foundation (TMCF) was founded in 2013 to pay tribute to Tommy McNamara, a young man from the Kennebunk community who passed away tragically in 2012. The TMCF mission is to raise funds to develop and maintain quality recreational and sports facilities for the enjoyment of the youth of the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport community, something Tommy was passionate about. The Tommy McNamara Wiffle Ball Field in the Lower Village of Kennebunk is anchor of the foundation, the field at the founding of the foundation was unplayable and over the last 4 years has become the heart of the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Little League program for the T-ballers in the community. The last weekend in July each year family, friends and community members come together from across the country to remember the spirit of Tommy and contribute to the foundation thru the Tommy McNamara Whiffle Ball Tournament. This day long tournament brings over 300 people to the field to play, remember and celebrate what Tommy loved most. It is your continued support of the TMCF that will allow the field to be enjoyed by all members of the community and allow TMCF to support those in the community thru grants and scholarships that are in need to enjoy recreational activities.